Basic dog training equipment

Training a dachshund requires a fair bit of patience, firmness and consistency, plus a few pieces of equipment. Here is the basic equipment you'll need to begin an effective training program.

  • A crate large enough for your dog to sit, lay down, stand and turn around comfortably. The perfect solution in accommodating the growing puppy is to purchase a crate from a company that also sells partitions for that particular model, and then get one large enough to hold him comfortably at expected full growth. Do not try to hand-make your own partition. If it caves in and scares the pup, your chances of getting him to like his den will be greatly reduced.

  • A crate pad and blanket

  • Odor neutralizer for house-training

  • Slip collar or harness

  • A six foot leash

  • An empty pop can containing a few pennies with the opening taped shut

Probably the most asked question is what type of collar is best for training dachshunds? There are several answers to this question, but the real answer lies in what your dog responds to best.

The slip-type chain collar is the most often used type of training collar for dogs. It is especially useful in training large breeds, but because of the small breed size of the dachshund, the user has to be especially sensitive to the dog and not make any strong corrections when using this collar. A large dog can handle a strong pull on the leash attached to the slip collar, but a small breed dog can become intimidated by the slip collar and refuse to move forward with any training. Unless you're extremely careful, and not prone to becoming frustrating in your training sessions, it might be best to use some type of harness.

A harness is not as effective as the slip collar in administering quick corrections necessary when training because the dog doesn't feel the sudden jerk. Instead the dog is just lifted a bit with no discomfort which results in no correlation between his wrong action and the correction. However, when leash and harness corrections are combined with a loud distracting noise (the pop can with the pennies) and a strong NO! from the trainer, the results are approximately the same as using the slip collar.