Disposition and temperament

Disposition is how do dachshunds get along with people?

The disposition of a dog is its natural or prevailing spirit—its predominate quality of its character. It's temperament of mind, especially as it relates to people. What this means in relationship to dachshunds is: how do they get along with people?

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Dogs in general are pack animals. That is they like to live in ordered packs. There will be a leader of the pack and the rest will be followers in various orders. Dachshunds are no different. They derive as much comfort from being around people, as do people get from being around them.

Dachshund Play

Dachshunds are very playful

I don't know why dachshunds are so playful, but they just are. Maybe going through life looking like a dachshund makes them not take things too seriously. Maybe it's because they have a unique perspective on life (running around just inches off the ground will probably do that to you).


The dachshund temperament

Dachshunds vary in temperament from being serious to just little goof-balls.

Unless a dachshund has been mistreated at some time in its life, or has been mis-trained, they are generally affectionate and love being around people. They truly enjoy our company. Some dachshunds just want to be next to us all the time. Others are happy just being in the same room, but not necessarily by our side, but within eyesight.

Dachshunds are usually good with children in their own family, but care should be taken as some may snap at children other than family members. Dachshunds normally get along well with other pets, but they must be socialized at an early age in order to live with cats. They can become jealous and irritable, and quick to bite when threatened. Many dachshunds are reserved around strangers, and some tend to bark excessively at passersby.