Fleas cause more problems

Adult FleaIt is important to take care of ridding your dachshund of fleas as soon as you become aware that there might be a problem. Besides flea bites and the itching associated with these bites, fleas can spread a number of diseases such as tapeworm, typhus and tularemia.

Some dogs are also very allergic to flea saliva that can cause long term itching and dermatitis.

Fleas can be hard to find, and only the adult fleas actually spend any time on your dog. When grooming you can inspect for fleas, but this is not usually productive unless your dog has a heavy infestation. Fleas will leave droppings, but unless you have a long-haired dachshund or a wirehaired dachshund, those droppings will most likely fall off before you'll ever see them. Remember, it only takes 1 — 2 fleas to cause major discomfort for your dog.

If your dachshund is itching and you can find no obvious cause, you should take her to the Vet. If the Vet can't find any evidence, then you might consider having an allergy test that might determine the cause of the itching.

Life cycle of the average flea

Flea Eggs / LarvaeA flea’s life cycle is about 3-4 weeks long. So it will take about that long to rid yourself of a flea infestation. Not only will you be trying to destroy the adult fleas, but also the eggs and larvae that will soon be turning into adult fleas.

Step 1: Attack adult fleas

Spraying your dog’s back once a month with an anti-flea solution. Consult with your Vet or local pet store for the right spray for your dog. Some sprays may be great for your dog, but toxic to a cat.

Step 2: Use a flea collar

Use a collar that specifically made to tackle flea larvae and eggs. Some only kill adult fleas.

Step 3: Clean up the place

Vacuum your home at least once a week. Change your vacuum bag every time, so that any eggs picked up do not have a chance to hatch. You could even put a section of your dog’s flea collar in the bag before you use it.

Spray your home with a suitable insecticide spray, or have a professional do it for you (you will need to remove all pet and humans from the home while this is taking place).

Hot wash your dogs bedding at least once a week. (If the garment does not permit a hot wash, use the warmest temperature possible).

Step 4: Spray outdoor areas your dog will frequent

Use outdoor flea sprays around the patio and shaded garden edges. Remember to follow label directions carefully.

Step 5: Groom your dachshund regularly

Regular grooming not only gives you the opportunity to bond with your doxie, you can also use this time for close-up inspection, especially around the ears, belly, and back. Use a fine toothed flea comb to prevent any infestations.

Do this outdoors during the warm weather. Run the comb through her coat. After each stroke, dip the comb into hot water, or rubbing alcohol. This will kill any fleas that have been collected by the comb. Fleas like to hide on the middle of the back, base of the tail, back of the neck, and in armpits and groin areas. Combing encourages the fleas to jump off your dog, which is why it is recommended that for outdoors, to prevent fleas landing in your carpet.