Dachshund Nose


Warm Noses

Many people believe that if a dog’s nose is dry, then the pet is sick. They thought that the main sign of a healthy dog is a good wet, sloppy nose. This simply is not true. A wet nose simply means that the air is plenty humid. Just like anything else, when it’s humid outside, your dog’s nose gets wet. If the weather is overly dry, so will be your dog’s nose.

Another misconception is that you can tell how your dog is feeling by touching its nose. If your dog’s nose is hot, then it might have a fever. But if it’s cool, it’s feeling just fine. But this is not accurate. Again, a dog’s nose temperature changes based on the environment. If it’s warm where your dog is, your dog’s nose will be warm. If it’s cold, your dog’s nose will be colder.

The nose is not an accurate gauge of temperature. A dog with a fever could have a warm, dry nose. It’s just as likely, however, that his nose could be cool and moist. If you want to take your pet’s temperature, the only way to do it is rectally. Take a normal thermometer with a cover and insert it anally into your pet. A normal dog’s temperature is 100.5 to 101.5 degrees F.

If you want to take your dog's pulse, then bend the left elbow articulation at its maximum length. This will show you, approximately, where the heart is. Then you will able to hear his heart beat, unless he is too fat.